by Tinc y Tannau

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Beauty and mischief are at the heart of Tinc y Tannau. Our playing is inspired by our surroundings, be that a waterfall or a resonant capel or a room full of art. Our listening, together, and with you the audience, deepens our practise and we hope you enjoy our first album of songs and free improvisations.

Jan Winstone (who helped spawn the idea way back when), Dave Pryce (who unwittingly brought us together), Peter Stevenson (for our first ever gig), Avi Allen and Tim at Capel y Graig, Dylan Fowler, Sandra Bendelow, Gail at Cafe Alys, Mary Lloyd Jones (for our name), John Jones, Gudrun Jones, David Ambrose, Gwilym Morus-Baird (for help with ancient Welsh), John Say, Sheena Vallely, Christine Watkins (for her fabulous lyrics) Carys Wench Hedd (for creating our gorgeous Betgwn style costumes), Amber at Oriel Davies, Michael Iwanowski, Felix Cannadam, Maria Hayes (for her inspiring drawings and the Tinc y Tannau logo), Sam Robinson and to our lovely audiences with whom we've had the joy of sharing our music.


released September 7, 2018

TRACKS 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9,11 Improvised by Ailsa Mair Hughes and Sianed Jones
TRACK 13 Improvised by Ailsa Mair Hughes
TRACKS 2, 4, 6, 12, 14. Composed by Sianed Jones
TRACK 10 Musical borrowings from Hen Ferchetan, Rew di Ranno, Cadi Ha ! Bwmba Arranged by Sianed Jones

Excerpts of original 6th Century Taliesin poems and translations taken from 1915 edition by T Gwenogoryn Evans

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dylan Fowler
CD design by Sianed Jones
Photos by Michael Iwanowski
Tinc y Tannau Logo by Maria Hayes
Title design by Mary Lloyd Jones


all rights reserved



Tinc y Tannau Aberystwyth, UK

A duet with a difference. A luscious mix of Beauty and Mischief

Sianed Jones and Ailsa Mair Hughes sing and play Seven String Bass Viola da Gamba at the same time! They conjure up rich, four part harmonies and rhythms. Playful improvisations, original songs, 16th century viol and voice pieces and unusual settings of Welsh Poetry. The ancient influencing the now and careering into the future ... more

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Track Name: Ditty of First Desire
In the green morning
I wanted to be a heart.
A heart.

And in the ripe evening
I wanted to be a nightingale.
A nightingale.

turn orange coloured.
turn the colour of love.

In the vivid morning
I wanted to be myself.
A heart.

And at the evenings end
I wanted to be my voice.
A nightingale.

turn orange coloured.
turn the colour of love.
Track Name: Cân y Gwynt
Dychymig pwy yw?
Cread cyn dilyw -
Creadur cadarn,

Heb gig, heb asgwrn,
Heb wytheu, heb waed,
Heb ben a heb draed,
Ni bydd hyn, na iau,
Noged yn dechrau,
Ni ddaw o'i oddau
Er ofn, nag anghau;
Ni ddioes i eisiau
Gan greaduriau.

Ac ef yn gyfledd
Ac wyneb tydwedd.
Ac ef ni aned:
Ac ef ni weled.
Ar fôr, ac ar dir,
Ni wyl, ni welir,
Ef yn anghywir,
Ni ddaw pan fynnir.

Mawr Duw morwynnau!
Pan ddaw o ddechrau?
Mawr 'i ferthidau,
y Gwr a'i gorau
Y maes, ynghoed.

Ar dir, ac ar fôr,
Ef yn anhepgor:
Ef yn ddiachor:
Ef yn ddieisor:
Ef, o bedeiror,
Ni bydd with gynghor.
Ef gychwyn amgor,
Odduwch maen ynyfnfor.

Ef yn dda, ef yn ddrwg,
Ef yn an'eglwg,
Ef yn an'amlwg,
can is gwyl golwg.
Yn ddrwg ac y dda,
Ef hwnt, ef yma,
Ef ydd an 'rhefna -
Ni ddiwg a wna.
tonnau y werydd.

Mawr Duw morwynnau!
Pan ddaw o ddechrau?
Mawr 'i ferthidau,
y Gwr a'i gorau
Y maes, ynghoed.

The Song of the Wind (translation)
Who's idea was the wind?
Created before the deluge -
He is a powerful creature.

Sans flesh, sans bone,
Sans veins, sans blood,
Sans head and sans feet,
He grows nor older, nor
younger, than the first.
Nor fear, nor death
will turn aside his purpose;
The world of the living will never
survive the need of him.

And he is widespread
as the face of the earth.
Born he was not:
nor was ever seen,
on sea, and on land.
He neither sees, not is seen,
He is unreliable,
He will not come when desired.

Great God of the whirlwinds!
Whence comes his beginning?
Great the resources of Him
who made the wind
(which traverses)
Field and Forest.

On land, and sea,
He is indispensable:
He known no restraint:
His lot has been cast:
He comes from the four quarters,
He will brook no counsel.
He starts on his round, from the
crest of a rock in the deep.

He is good, he is evil,
He is blind, He is invisible.
no eye can see him
He is evil and he is good,
He is there, he is here.
When he works confusion -
He will not repair what he does
The ocean billows.

Great God of the whirlwinds!
Whence comes his beginning?
Great the resources of Him
who made the wind,
(which traverses)
Field and Forest.
Track Name: Arall Addwyn
Addwyn plwyf cymrwyf, Ddyf a'i towys;
Delightful are the united people, God leading it;
Arall addwyn, amser paradwys.
Pleasant too, the age of innocence.

Addwyn lloer, llewychawd yn elfydd;
Pleasant the moon that shines on earth;
Arall addwyn pan da ddymgofydd.
Pleasant too, when the good you recall.

Addwyn haf araf hwyr hirddydd;
Pleasant is summer, and the lingering dusk of a long day;
Arall addwyn, a threidd a gerydd.
Pleasant too, the communion thou lovest.

Addwyn blodeu ar warthaf perwydd;
Beautiful are the flowers on the fruit trees,
Arall addwyn, achre cerenhydd.
And delightful the budding of friendship.

Addwyn di drif i ewig ac elein;
Pleasant is solitude to the roe and faun;
Arall addwyn, cynawr am harwein.
Pleasant too, a huntsman to guide me.

Addwyn lluarth, pan llwydd i genhin;
Pleasant the garden, when vegetables flourish;
Arall addwyn, cadarfarth yn egin.
And sweet the charlock in young corn.

Addwyn eddystr ynghebstr lledrin;
Pleasant the charger that is bridled;
Arall addwyn, cyweithas brenhin.
Pleasant too, the fellowship of a king.

Addwyn glew, nwy goleith gogyweg;
Glorious the brave whom indecision will not destroy;
Arall addwyn, i ellein gallineb.
Glorious too, his splendid circumspection.

Addwyn grug pan futho ehoeg;
Pleasant the heath when it is green;
Arall addwyn, morfa i wartheg.
Pleasant too the meadow to the cows.

Addwyn dymhor, pan dynn lloi laeth;
Pleasant the season when calves draw milk;
Arall addwyn, enwyn maeronaeth.
pleasant too, the butter-milk of the dairy.

Ac yssydd i mi addwyn nid gwaeth,
And what is to me no less pleasant,
Athal llawn fuall with dal meddwaeth.
The guerdon of a full horn beside the mead vat.

Addwyn i bysc y llyn y llywiawd;
Pleasant to the fish the water he steers in;
Arall addwyn, goralaw gwaryhawd.
Pleasant too, to call decisively for the play.

Addwyn gair a lefair y Drindawd;
Pleasant the message Trinity delivers;
Arall addwyn, penyd i bechawd.
Pleasant too, (that there is ) a penance for sin.

Ys addwynhaf o bob addwyndawd,
The pleasates of every pleasant thing -
Caffel cerenhydd Dofydd ddyddbrawd.
The assured friendship of the Lord at last.
Track Name: Bwmba Bwmba
Bwmba bwmba bwm dwdle eia
Ffol di rol di rol lol Ffol di rol di ro
Tw didl rei di hey dio hono
Tw didl rei di hey di ho
Bwmba bwmba bwm dwdle eia
Ffol di rol di rol lol Ffol di rol di ro
Dymilili dymilili dymilili dymilili
Hwp ca di ha Hwp ca di ha
Hwp dyna fo !
Ric a ricado rocado din
Ric a dic a ric a dic a ric a dic a din din
Track Name: Y Dawnswyr
Y dawnswyr
swn y don
swn y chwerthin yn y gwynt
swn canu llawenydd
y dawnswyr y dawnswyr

Its the ladies dancing ground
Quatrefoils and Cinquefoils
Sea foam rings their ankles
Feet set off a thousand bells
that echo beneath the waves

Goleudydd a Goleunos
Dros y llawr
fel rhiwbeth anweledig yn pasio trwodd
Y breuddwyd y dawnswyr

Those are dancing skirts
Those are dancing feet
They are air
They are rock
A shattering sea confusing to the eye
They know the subtle art of weaving air into stone

A dyma fi yn gofyn i'r colofnau ddawnsio
i gymryd fy llaw
Surprising all this magnificence
dancing breath and stone
Am eiliad am oes am eiliad am oes
i gymryd fy llaw
Stone column take my hand
Track Name: Out to Sea
(miscellaneous Mermish)
Track Name: Green Man
As you breathe down into the wave
and the wave rises
rising and falling, rising and falling
like a bellows

You have held your breath for so long
Tell me where you were when I didn't see you
When you hold your breath who holds you?
You are so quiet.

Do you breathe your heart out?
Do you breathe out hope?
Do you breathe out joy?
Do you breathe out stone?

How can we voyage without you
breathing in breathing out
and these clouds you exhale
from your leafy stone

Do you breathe out green leaves?
Do you breathe out mist?
Do you breathe out joy?
One last fragrant breath...

I was waiting for that breath
you held for so long
I was waiting for that breath
To fill the sky

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